The company «MEDIS»

The company «MEDIS» » is represented by a group of highly skilled doctors with years of experience in leading Israeli hospitals

You are given the opportunity to directly connect with the doctor and to get the comprehensive information about your diagnosis and treatment in the shortest time
We offer diagnosis and treatment performed at the highest level by professionals in all fields of medicine
We provide the best clinics, offering  medical care of the highest standards.
We help the patient during all phases of travel. In addition, we  guarantee complete anonymity of the examination as well as its results

The company «MEDIS» provides foreign nationals in Israel with three
main areas of medical services:

1. Online consultation (distance consultation, without coming to Israel)

2. Consultation and the provision of medical services in Israel by prior agreement in each particular case

3. Medical subscription (NEW)

For the first time in Israel, the company MEDIS offers an opportunity to receive medical care based on a medical loan
Medical ticket is a form of medical service, where for a fixed monthly payment for an agreed period you are offered  the professional advice of qualified doctors in every field of medicine, as well as  required diagnostic studies and tests. This comes without  quantitative restrictions which allows you to receive comprehensive medical care for less cost and without thinking about paying each time you visit a doctor

Most important is the opportunity to immediately begin treatment.If you do not have sufficient funds, an appropriate payment plan will be made for you without interest!

Company MEDIS offers additional discounts to owners of medical subscription:

1. To hold additional consultations, examinations. treatment of non-subscription Cart

2. Discounts on surgery

3 Discount for accommodation in Israel (hotels, apartments for rent at various levels)

4. Discounts are represented and family season ticket holders

The advantages of our company

The specialists of our center are highly qualified, experienced
doctors, with past practice in the best clinics of Israel and the United States, using all th e latest developments in diagnosis and treatment, giving their patients the most effective and efficient treatment, which is possible today in world medicine.
We guarantee you a high level of examination and treatment

Laboratory facilities conducte the necessary research and analysis at
the advanced level. Results become known to doctor and patient as soon
as possible.

Diagnostic tests are conducted according to the latest world standards

The treatment of diseases is based on innovative techniques and products.

In most cases, surgical interventions carried out by the surgeons of our center are uniquely developed in Israel

Our center is located in the center of Israel in the city of Rishon Lezion in the coastal strip of Mediterranean Sea, 12 km south of Tel Aviv

We work in cooperation with the hospital «Assuta» which is the largest and leading medical center in Israel constantly introducing the latest achievements in medicine.

Service in several languages: Russian, Hebrew, English, Georgian

We will endeavor to make our patients feel comfortably at every stage of service

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