Arrival in Israel


Your applicationcan be received by e mail or fax. To begin your journey, please send us an e-mail or fax with your available medical records

Our staff will translate the medical documents from Russian into Hebrew and English
Doctors will determine the appropriate time  of your arrival to Israel and will provide a provisional timeline  for examination and treatment. Company employees will determine their costs

The schedule of examination and treatment and their costs may not be final and may change if additional tests or treatment will be needed Russian or English-speaking employees will contact you within 24-72 hours after obtaining your consent for the services and treatment and we will begin to organize your visit to Israel


Medical services:

  • Preparation of medical treatment and diagnostic programs before coming to Israel
  • Selection and advice of leading experts of Israeli clinics
  • Complete inspection and treatment in private and public clinics of Israel


Customer service:

  • Meeting at the airport
  • Provision of car with driver
  • Fully equipped ambulance
  • Continuing with Russian -speaking employees throughout the stay in Israel for a preliminary contract
  • Accommodation: Hotels( of all standards). It is also possible to rent apartments, located close to hospitals and places of recreation.In the case of a prolonged stay, it is possible to rent a room with full board, including supervision of medical personnel (doctors, nurses).
  • Excursions in Israel: Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Eilat, and much more!


Our recommendations:

  • It is recommended to obtain health insurance for travelling abroad before arrival to Israel.
  • To have all previous medical records (medical history, diagnostic results) relevant to your case


Advantageous offers:

  • The first long  distance consultation with a doctor before coming to Israel, the general practitioner, is free of charge. This consultation will either be by internet or phone.
  • Additional discounts on services, with more than one patient
  • Consultation on-line (distance consultation without coming to Israel)



  • In most cases, the cost of treatment is known even before arriving to Israel and does not change, except with a change in diagnosis


The following types of payment:

  • Payment on the spot upon arrival at the clinic
  • Bank transfer or credit card


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